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Registration is available at Sports District Offices, LAAA & LSRC Offices at Ha Mafafa Maseru

registration fees

Category Distance Local Fee Internation Fee
Marathon 42.2 KM M100.00 M200.00
Half Marathon 21.1 KM M 75.00 M175.00
10 KM 10 KM M 70.00 M 150.00
5 KM 5 KM M 50.00 M 50.00

N.B: To register online , click on the yellow button written, REGISTER NOW, or follow these links to also register online :

www.finishtime.co.za or online@finishtime.co.za.

Entries can be confirmed on the finish time website address: www.finishtime.co.za and or online@finishtime.co.za. Entry will also be acknowledged to valid email addresses and/ or SMS (as supplied on your entry form). It is your responsibility to check your entry. If any of the details are not well captured please contact the High Altitude Marathon, or Finish Time management if you registered online so that your information will be accurately captured. Remember you must produce your identity in order to collect your race number.